Welcome to the medals gallery.

Since the Royal 22e Régiment’s creation in 1914, its members have been awarded an impressive array of military medals and decorations. Most recipients received medals for their acts in the context of armed conflict or humanitarian missions. Others were singled out for exemplary conduct outside the military context.

The Royal 22e Régiment Museum owns a vast collection of decorations and medals awarded to members of the Regiment over the years. The Museum is proud to safeguard these distinctions entrusted to it by veterans or their families.

This gallery showcases eight medals that reflect the range of the Royal 22e Régiment’s decorations and missions over time. For each medal shown, you will learn about a member of the Regiment who received it.

The gallery also pays tribute to the veterans whose sacrifices, large and small, have contributed to the Royal 22e Régiment’s successes over the past century. To each of them, we say “Je me souviens” (I remember).